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BoozAid is a scientifically formulated supplement developed for drinkers interested in feeling better the “morning after” … and for those who experience redness after a drink. This dietary supplement contains a powerful blend of pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals, antioxidants, herbs, vitamins and natural peptides that are introduced to the body before they are depleted by the effects of alcohol.

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Accelerate Recovery Support Brain & Liver Health Replenish Critical Vitamins

What Is BoozAid?

How does BoozAid work?

The blend of powerful nature-inspired ingredients in BoozAid helps to enhance the body’s ability to metabolize toxins.

The benefits include:

  • Expedites the clearance of alcohol by-products.
  • Helps restore the brain’s neurotransmitter balance so one’s head is clear in the morning.
  • Rebalances neurotransmitters to avoid the state of “hyper-excitability” (restless sleep, sensitivity to light and sound, overall discomfort, lethargy and loss of focus.)
  • Powerful revitalizing ingredients to promote healthy liver function.

 What is a hangover? 

A hangover is a common collection of disagreeable feelings after drinking, due to the imbalance of brain neurotransmitters, dehydration and buildup of alcohol by-products. 


Feelings of a hangover include: headache ~ stomach irritation ~ brain fog ~ anxiety ~ nausea ~fatigue

How is BoozAid different from other “morning after” remedies? 

BoozAid is more than just a sugary aspirin-caffeine pill. It was developed by a physician who understands the biochemistry required to create a superior product. It combines hard science with wholesome, beneficial ingredients to address all the feelings associated with the discomfort after a night of partying.
 BoozAid is a powerful blend of pharmaceutical grade nutraceutical ingredients formulated to replenish key vitamins and nutrients depleted by alcohol.

How does BoozAid help with face redness?

Some individuals turn beet red and feel sick after drinking. The primary cause of this is the inability to metabolize alcohol efficiently due to the lack of the liver enzyme ALDH2.  This enzyme is needed to properly break down alcohol. This deficiency leads to a buildup of a toxic by-product of alcohol called acetaldehyde. BoozAid contains a rare extract from the oriental raisin tree that is proven to rid the liver of highly toxic acetaldehyde.

BoozAid helps you avoid the discomfort caused by a night of drinking by combining hard science with a proprietary blend of wholesome ingredients.

BoozAid isn’t just another caffeine-loaded sugar formula. It’s a powerful, scientific blend of nutrients, antioxidants, herbs, vitamins and natural peptides formulated to help deal with the conditions after a night of partying, including: stomach irritation, headache, brain fog, anxiety, nausea and fatigue. It works quickly to rid the body of toxic by-products restoring it to a state of healthy, natural balance. It also offers natural peptides to harmonize the neurotransmitter balance in the brain so one wakes up feeling refreshed and clear-headed.

BoozAid has nature-inspired ingredients used to help the body replenish, revitalize and rise up the next morning! 

Premium BoozAid Ingredients

We invite you to review the following study-related medical and scientific information about the Oriental Raisin Tree.

The Oriental Raisin Tree is also referred to as Hovenia Dulcis, Dihydromyricetin and DHM. In Asia, for over a thousand years, this plant has been used to brew a special tea that aids in the discomfort caused by a night of excessive partying. Only recently has the active ingredient, Dihydromyricetin (DHM), been isolated and extracted from the Oriental Raisin Tree.

Dihydromyricetin (DHM) has been shown to reduce discomfort in three different ways:

  1. It rids the liver of highly toxic acetaldehyde by helping to break it down. With the aggression of DHM, this toxic substance exits the body quicker, thus lessening the “morning after” discomfort.
  2. It helps to alleviate the state of “hyper-excitability” (i.e. short-term alcohol withdrawl). This state is characterized by a subject’s inability to achieve restful sleep, sensitivity to light and sound, overall discomfort/lethargy and loss of focus.
  3. It safeguards against alcohol-induced liver damage. Large amounts of alcohol are toxic to the liver. Studies have shown that groups given the compound from the Oriental Raisin Tree experienced less liver damage when injected with alcohol than groups not receiving it.

This Is One Amazing Pill

BoozAid is a new, breakthrough supplement launched in February, 2016. It was developed to address the need for a high quality dietary supplement that would help to combat the feelings of after-party discomfort.

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BoozAid, formulated by Dr. Susan Lin, combines bona fide science with a great variety of wholesome, beneficial ingredients.

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