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Clinically-Tested, Nature-Inspired Ingredients

BoozAid is physician-formulated, combining bona fide science with nature-inspired ingredients. Oriental Raisin Tree (also known as Holvenia Dulcis, Dihydromyricetin and DHM)* Dihydromyricetin (DHM), one of the most powerful substances in BoozAid, is harvested from the Holvenia Dulcis plant. In Asia, for over a thousand years, this plant has been used to brew a hangover tea. [...]

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Do you turn bright red after a sip of alcohol?

Red Shoes—YES! Red Dress—YES! Red Face … NO!! If your face turns red after a drink, you need BoozAid. BoozAid offers a scientifically formulated blend of nutrients, antioxidants, herbs, vitamins and natural peptides, making it your best defence against a red face and the discomfort of excessive drinking including: stomach irritation, headache, brain fog, anxiety, nausea and [...]

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Around the World

Throughout the world, people suffer from that all-too-familiar pounding headache and nausea that follows an evening of excessive partying. Below are a few international home-grown remedies to deal with the dreaded morning after condition. Do they work? No one really knows; but you can decide whether these are actually more entertaining than effective! France: Thick, hot [...]

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10 Terrific Tips

The dreaded morning after headache … the result of dehydration, toxic alcohol impurities and the loss of salts and sugar. If you enjoy the drinks—but hate the morning after—take note of these helpful tips!   Limit the sweet drinks. These cocktails tend to go down very quickly which makes it far too easy to over-indulge! Drink [...]

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