The dreaded morning after headache … the result of dehydration, toxic alcohol impurities and the loss of salts and sugar. If you enjoy the drinks—but hate the morning after—take note of these helpful tips!


  1. Limit the sweet drinks.
    These cocktails tend to go down very quickly which makes it far too easy to over-indulge!
  2. Drink premium liquors.
    The more expensive the alcohol, the better the method used to distill and remove the congeners.
  3. Drink non-carbonated sports drinks to replace salt and sugar.
    Why non-carbonated? Because carbonation causes bloating.
  4. Eat a banana.
    Bananas have potassium, glucose and magnesium that will soothe the stomach, relax the blood vessels and provide natural antacids.
  5. Choose light-colored liquors, as dark liquors have more congeners (impurities).
  6. Alternate sips of water since alcohol is a diuretic (which means it depletes the body of water) it affects the brain.
    This brain shrinkage, due to loss of water, most often results in a pounding headache.
  7. Don’t mix drinks!
    It takes the body longer to metabolize each type of alcohol, so stay with one type of liquor.
  8. Rule of thumb: limit yourself to one drink per hour.
    Depending on one’s weight and gender, the body can process about one ounce of alcohol per hour.
  9. Eat before drinking.
    Yes, you read it correctly – while you’re still sober, chow down a few fatty foods as these are the best for slowing the absorption of alcohol. No time? Drink a glass of milk .

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